Prof.  Martin Drapeau

Dr Martin Drapeau McGill

MARTIN DRAPEAU, M.P.s, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and professor of counselling psychology and psychiatry at McGill University, and an adjunct professor of clinical psychology at the University of Sherbrooke. He is the Chair of the McGill Psychotherapy Process Research Group (MPPRG) and Co-Chair of Science & Practice in Psychology, a research group dedicated to disseminating best practices in psychology. His research is in the area of psychotherapy process and outcome, of best practices in psychology, and of knowledge translation and dissemination. He has received research funding from CIHR, FRSQ, SSHRC, CFI, MDEIE, and DAAD, amongst others, and has published extensively in scholarly journals. Dr. Drapeau is also affiliated with a number of research groups in Quebec, including Qualaxia, a network of researchers, experts, decision-makers, and clinicians who are committed to improving the quality of care in mental health, the Réseau de Recherche en Santé des Populations du Québec, the RENARD Research Group and the International Centre for Comparative Criminology of the University of Montreal. 

Dr. Drapeau  is a former program director at McGill University and project director at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research/Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry, and Research Scholar of the Quebec Health Research Funds. He was also the Quebec representative on the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association, and Chair of the Clinical Section of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), and has served on many national taskforces, including the CPA’s Presidential Taskforce on Evidence Based Practice and the Taskforce on Outcome Tracking and Monitoring in Psychotherapy, and the Taskforce of the Canadian Council of Academies on Medical Assistance in Dying. He has also served on numerous taskforces of the Order of psychologists of Quebec (OPQ), and was Vice president of the OPQ for several years, served on its Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and chaired its continuing education committee. He is the founder, for the OPQ, and former Editor of the journal Science and Practice which is dedicated entirely to knowledge translation and dissemination in psychology and mental health. He is also a former Editor of the journal Psychology and former Editor-in-Chief of The Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science and of the Canadian Psychological Association’s flagship journal, Canadian Psychology. He has served and continues to serve on the editorial board of a number of other scholarly journals. He has received awards from the Society for Psychotherapy Research and the Canadian Psychological Association, amongst others, and is a Fellow of the Clinical Section of the CPA and an elected member of the College of New Scholars of the Royal Society of Canada. 

Prof. Drapeau is the founder, with Prof. Emerita Marilyn Fitzpatrick, of Medipsy Psychological Services, a Montreal-based institution that offers both basic training in psychotherapy as per Bill 21 and continuing education for mental health professionnals, as well as state-of-the-art clinical services (psychologists for assessments and psychotherapy, neuropsychologists, sex therapists, counsellorsfor the general public. The Clinic offers assessment services as well as psychotherapy. The Clinic is also home to a specialized ADHD Clinic. He is also co-founder of Asadis, an online training platform that offers continuing education to mental health professionals. 

His resume can be found below. 

Clinical Services

Dr. Drapeau has a small private practice in Westmount. These services are offered at Medipsy Psychological Services. Please note that this is by appointment only. Medipsy offers a variety of clinical services, including: 

Learn more about the Medipsy Clinic with this video

Continuing Education 

Asadis Formation Continue offers online continuing education, in French, to mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, counsellors, and others). These online courses are recognized for CE credit by different organisations. Please visit the Asadis website for more information, including a list of their online CE workshops


Dr. Drapeau has a podcast titled "Une expérience humaine", which is available in French on both YouTube and Spotify. 

On YouTube, you can find Une expérience humaine here

On Spotify, you can find Une expérience humaine here

University Training

Dr. Drapeau is a professor of counselling psychology and of psychiatry at McGill University. He is the Program Director for graduate programs in Counselling psychology at McGill. To be supervised by Dr. Drapeau for MA or doctoral studies, please contact him via his McGill address

Information about the counselling psychology training programs can be found on the McGill website


Dr. Drapeau's main research activities are housed within the SAPP laboratory at McGill University. This research group focuses on:

  • The use of science in professional psychology
  • Knowledge translation and clinician-researcher collaboration
  • Science-based psychological and psycho-educational interventions

The SAPP website also contains a list of publications of Dr. Drapeau and his students.

More Research

Dr. Drapeau is affiliated with a number of research groups, including for example:

Access to Psychotherapy

Dr. Drapeau is actively involved in initiatives that aim to improve access to psychotherapy services for those in need. 

For more information on such initiatives, and for a list of publications on this topic, please visit the website of the Coalition for Access to Psychotherapy

Resources for professionals

The Best Practices in Psychology Portal is an online hub for psychologists and trainees in psychology across Canada, connecting research and practice by providing the latest evidence-based resources, information, and tools.  Find out more about incorporating evidence-based practice, progress monitoring, clinical practice guidelines, practice research networks, and clinical tools into your clinicalwork.  Watch videos to learn from clinicians, researchers, and students, and download tools and measures that you can implement in your clinical practice today.


My resume is usually updated once a year. 

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